Single Page Product Module

At WooCommerce Beaver Addons, we help in creating single page product module for your e-commerce websites. We help you in displaying single products on a single page. With the help of the advanced tools, we help you design the look of your product for your customers.

In the single page product module, along with displaying a single product, we also offer a button to add the product to the cart. The details and feature of the single product mentioned in that module help your customers in their buying decisions.

We, at WooCommerce Beaver Addons, help you design customized single page modules for all your products. With a featured image, we make your product look more attractive. We assist in enhancing the scalability of your products.


Category Page Module

At WooCommerce Beaver Addons, we help in creating an effective category page for your website. Our team of experts has the expertise in helping you display all your product categories in a single page.

Our Category page module allows you to customize your display of all the product categories on a single page. We help your customers know better about all the categories of products offered by your store.

We showcase your different categories of product and assist your customers in selecting particular categories as per their need. We are efficient in organizing all the categories to make your website look good. We help you reach your commercial goals.

Product Carousel

We, at WooCommerce Beaver Addons, help you display attractive product carousel and increase your sales. With this module, we help you to display the products of your store in a unique way that will persuade your customers to buy them.

Our team of experts is experienced in designing different types of product carousels as per your requirement. We allow you the option to select your customized theme for the carousel. We offer an unlimited display of your products on the product carousel.

At WooCommerce Beaver Addons, we have expertise in designing mobile-friendly and responsive product carousels. We provide many more customized options for you to gain control over your product carousel module.


WooCommerce Addon for Beaver Builder


Product Grid Module

At WooCommerce Beaver Addons, we have the expert professionals to design your product grid module perfectly. With the product grid, you can have the selected products of your store displayed easily.

We, at WooCommerce Beaver Addons, we help you make specific selections of your different product and showcase them in a grid style.  We help you showcase different selected products from various categories of products.

With the creation of this module, we help your customers to view your trending products easily. We offer you to customize the pattern of display of the unique products of your store as per your requirement.

Single Product

Our teams of professional experts at WooCommerce Beaver Addons have expertise in creating modules for your single product. We make use of the best features to represent your single product.

We, at WooCommerce Beaver Addons, offer you different layouts for your single product module. We use designs of high quality to promote your products in the single product module effectively.

With the use of perfectly complimenting themes, we help in better representation of the single products of your store. We showcase your products in a way to create interest among your customers to purchase them.


Add To Cart

At WooCommerce Beaver Addons, we help in enhancing your sales by helping you design the ‘Add to Cart’ button. We help in designing a customized add to cart button for your products.

We help your customers add products of your store into their cart easily. We allow you to make customization to the ‘add to cart’ button. With the use of best designs, we enhance the look of the button.

With suitable techniques, we make the process of adding products to the cart easy for your customers. We help in efficiently guiding your customers to purchase your products and increase your sales.

WooCommerce Addon for Beaver Builder